TOP Funds

Technology Opportunity Partners

Our Opportunity

A raft of new software and Internet-enabled services are infiltrating every industry - Uber roiled the transport industry; Airbnb disrupted hospitality; not to mention what’s happening in banking, tv/media, advertising, retail, and business processes.

While the public has access to the products and services of these tech disrupters, the companies themselves remain private - postponing their public listing until they reach billion-dollar valuations. Consequently, the lion’s share of returns accrue to private market investors.


A Unique Value proposition

Leveraging an extensive network at the heart of the technology industry, we will seek to take advantage of the best opportunities in private markets to buy equity in top-tier technology companies at attractive risk-adjusted entry points.


Bedrock Partnership

TOP operates in partnership with the Bedrock Group, a global investment and advisory firm which provides innovative investment solutions to families and institutions.